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Recently we have made some security improvements and moved to a now store. The Less Effort website is now secured by Lets Encrypt SHA-256 with RSA Encryption. This means your communication with Less Effort website is a direct secure encrypted connection.

We do not actually process any financial transactions on this site, which is generally when encryption is needed as you are transferring payment data. For payments on this site we use Snipcart.
Snipcart is a externally hosted and managed E-commerce Cart solution. As they handle our payment transactions, Snipcart have all the security essentials in place, and everything is encrypted their end. Read more on Snipcarts security here

We still feel the need to add encryption to our site for security purposes and hopefully soon all sites will be moving to HTTPS in the near future, which will improve internet security in general and make the internet safer.
When you are browsing, keep an eye on the the padlock in the left side of the address bar in your browser. Ifs its green, you are good. If not, then be careful visiting that particular site!

Lets Encrypt is available free for everyone. So if you have your own site, go and read about getting a free SSL certificate. For when you are just browsing the internet in general, consider using the HTTPS everywhere plugin which does its best to re-write HTTP to HTTPS where possible. Leading to a safer and more secure browsing experience.

If you are concerned with internet privacy and your own safety online, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a good place to start and get involved in helping our future.

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